Friendship bracelets

This is where it all started..
I learned how to make friendship bracelets when I was in 7th grade. I didn’t even know they were called “Friendship bracelets”. But they were fun to make. So last year I thought about making them and selling them. Little did I know that hundreds of other girls had beat me to it. And they had designs that I had never seen before!
I still tried with no success.
Which is why I tried something different and made the custom logo friendship bracelet watch! I loved it! Except for the fact that it takes me forever to make one.. Oh but I’m happy to say I haven’t seen any other friendship bracelet maker make one of these.. 🙂


Candystripe & Chevron


Zig zag &Houndstooth


Cat ears (in Japanese)






Friendship bracelet watch!


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